Object a (対象a / Taishou a) by anNina

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Object a (対象a / Taishou a) by anNina
Music by inazawa, Lyrics by interface, & Translation by me…

Sprinkle some soils on your flesh,
even if it is forbidden.
The pleasure behind those pure eyes,
has the temptation that cannot be concealed.

Why is there sin?
Why is there punishment?

The tip of the bone is too bright,
and it lures the endless darkness.
Everything looks so vivid,
and disappears at once.

Put a lock on your memories,
even if it is broken.
At the bottom of this mad love,
has the impulse that cannot be suppressed.

While collecting the pieces,
I await the end of this dream.

Maybe I’m sinned is because I’ve given up.
Maybe I’m punished is because I’ve asked for too much.
Everything is left alone,
and runs around, in a circle.

Maybe I can smile when the morning comes,
and smile as if nothing ever happens.
And I wish, I wish
that I do not lose anything.





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