So you think it’s pretty…

My friends from west coast (and anywhere tropical) always say to me, “So you live in New York, it must be beautiful during the winter with all that snow.”

 …apparently, these people have no idea what it looks like when the city is covered in snow.
When the city is snowing, it is “probably” beautiful, and “occasionally” romantic, but when the snow stops, it gets ugly. Imagine things (dirts, dog crap, dog urine, trash, and everything dirty) you see on sidewalks all the time, but 10 times worse because these things stands out 10 times better with snow on the background. It is like a pure white canvas covered with feces, dirt, and urine. After few days, the snow absorbs the waste gas from cars and turn into dark chunks of snow bricks like something you would find in a coal mine. There is nothing pretty about it.


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