It’s ok to be hypocrites

It’s ok to be hypocrites
I’m not trying to to be sarcastic about it.

    Couple days ago, in a quite serious discussion, someone in the crowd bursted out his negative opinions about gay people, and the rest of us all looked at him with the “you intolerant bastard!” look on our face. The discussion eventually ended badly (because of that obviously), but it got me thinking.
    Even though I always try to be open about it and say that I’m cool with gay people, I still have a part of me telling me not to accept it. The so-called “traditional” part of me that I got from my parents, my community, and my educations. Oh, lets deviate and go off track a bit: I was shocked when I watched the movie Alexander, because my 9th grade history book did not say anything about Alexander the Great being gay. If my 9th grade history teacher wasn’t homophobic and at least mention about it, I would not be so shocked about it. (by the way, that movie suckes)
    Anyway, go back to the topic. Under “normal” (<–although politically incorrect, I cannot find a better word) circumstances, I do not find myself as tolerant as I claim to be, or rather I really don’t care about it. So why do I, and most(I hope I’m not alone in this one) people pretend to care – because we do not want to be on the other side. We do not want to be labeled (sounds familiar?) 
    I believe everyone is entitled to their opinions. As a result, it is ok to be anti-gay or anti-whatever the hell you want. As long as these people do not go out and commit hate crime, they have their rights to say what they want and believe what they want to believe, just like the guy I mentioned in the beginning. Sadly, this is not how the society is set up to be nowadays. For instance, there are “anti-gay” people and “anti-anti-gay” people. There are no “pro-life” people, only anti-abortion people, because if they really are “pro-life”, they would not go around and assassinate abortion doctors (though I’m not suggesting everyone is like that, I’m just trying to make a point…)  
    As the society is being set up today, we are forced to pick a side, and whoever pick the “other side” will be labeled as “intolerant” or “homophobic”, and people who don’t care (like me) will also be labled as “ignorant.” In order to avoid being labeled, we pick the “good” sides, although there really is no such thing as good or bad. The good and bad we know of is always decided by the majority, and the good here may be bad on the other side of the globe. In the end, we all rush into conclusion and support something we really cannot connect, or something we really don’t know that well, just so that we do not get left alone with the so-called “bad” guys. In the end, we are without-doubt hypocrites (or at least I think I am.)


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