Cuteness vs. Cruelty Theory

Cuteness vs. Cruelty Theory:
  cuter the creature is, people have less tolerance in animal cruelty regarding that animal; uglier the creature is, people have more tolerance in animal cruelty regarding that animal. 

  Dolphins -> cute. 
  No tolerance for cruelty!!

  Cats -> cute. 
  No tolerance for cruelty!!

  Now, if dolphins and cats look like cockroaches, will people still scream animal cruelty?
  I doubt it.

    Lets face it, if you are ugly, do not expect any animal activist will ever speak up for you. No one considers smashing roaches with slippers is cruel. I know it does not sound fair, but the world is never fair in the first place. People would get really angry about someone posting photos of them torturing cats, but the same angry crowd would laugh at “10 ways to torture a captured cockroach (with photos).” The only thing you can do is to reincarnate into something cute in the next life.
    My point is – if these animal activists don’t want to be hypocrites and want to show that they really feel for those poor animals, they need to have a good reason. Personally, I cannot think of a reason “why not” to kill dolphins – the reason maybe because they are intelligent and friendly. If that is the case then I’m quoting Cartman from South Park: “intelligent and friendly on rye bread with some mayonnaise” Or maybe it is because they are endangered species, but look at the cat-shooter, he is trying to help endangered species and people are calling him a “murderous fascist” and a “diabolical monster.” He’s got a relatively good reason in his action, even though there are probably better ways to keep the cats away, like eletric fences (then he would probably be in court for negligence because of some kids who can’t read the sign died of electric shock.)
    I’m not promoting animal cruelty. I’m just trying to figure out what qualified as animal cruelty, so when people scream “animal cruelty” or “you ruthless killer”, they know where they are standing and not just going to turn around and chew on their slice of pork or steak. Since I’m a big time carnivore, I never considered myself being justified to speak for any animals (not even roaches, cuz I smash one when I see one.)
    However, it is not just animals have feelings, vegetables have feelings too (more or less because we do not speak the same language.) I remember someone told me that because she cannot bear the thought of animals being killed, she became a vegetarian. I did not say it right in front of her, but I thought, “well, if vegetables can talk, they would probably scream STOP EATING ME!” 
   In fact, when people buy pets on impulses and ruthlessly dicard them when they find these animals are no longer cute, in my opinion, that’s the real animal cruelty.


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