The Prestige

For a great magic to be successful, distraction is essential.
When the audiences are distracted by the sexy assistance and flashy explosions, the magician escapes through the back door, and eventually shows up on the balcony. The audiences will applaud and cheer. They will go home and discuss about how amazing the underwater magic was, or how brilliantly the magician escaped that heavily locked box. They will scratch theirs heads and try to figure out the trick. However, they do not really want to know the truth.
The truth, or the trick to the magic, is not magical at all. It is usually a trap door, a mirror, a hidden space, or simply a fake lock that can be opened without a key. Like I said in the beginning, magic is all about distraction, and once your eyes are deviated from the truth, you pretend it’s not there. The magician only has to exit the stage with a boom, and you will be cheering and applauding as if something amazing just happened, but there is nothing amazing.
Politicians are somewhat like magicians – they do magics to entertain audiences. They go on stage; they chant their spells; and poof! they are gone. In the end, we are all happy and satisfied, but no one is going to ask, “What happened?” or “What did they do?” The magic is successful, because we are all distracted from what really happened.
So what happened? NOTHING. Nothing happened…but hey! as long as we are happy about it, who gives a damn about the truth.


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