New Baseball League

Here’s your new idea for a baseball league (or for any other sport league).

Steroid League!
This is the sport league where every athlete is REQUIRED to take steroids.
And yes, I’m serious, because in Steroid League, players can publicly take steroids. And they do not have to blame it on their coaches or they do not have to pretend they don’t speak English (Great excuse ONLY if you’re from outside of US).
In addition, there is a witch hunt going on in the world of sport, where people pointing fingers at each other and make accusations at random. Now when I see a 50 homerun season record, I think: “Steroids?”  With Steroid League, none of these problem will exists.
And people love to see fights in a ballgame, and in Steroid League people are much more aggressive and violent because of the steroid (seen that south park episode with Jimmy use steroids and beat up his girlfriend?) 

On the other hand, it is also good for the economy. Players can now have endorsements from pharmaceutical companies. Companies make money and make more steroids. And eventually, everyone will have steroids and all be aggressive and buff and beat each other up. There is your happy ending.


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