When things ain’t simple anymore…

Ten years ago:
When a missing child was reported on TV news 10 years ago, I would pray for the safety of that child.
When a sexual harassment case was reported on TV news 10 years ago, I would immediately condemn the person who did it.
When a missing child is reported on TV news today, I immediately link the cause to the parents.
When a sexual harassment case is reported on TV today, I would say it has something to do with money.

10 years ago crime was much simpler, or at least we thought it was simple. When a murderer was convicted, we cheered for it. And when someone innocent was proven not guilty, we also cheered. During these times when forensic evidence and DNA was seldom heard of, the line between bad guys and good guys were clear (or at least that what we thought.) I would point at the TV screen and say, “that’s the bad guy,” or  “he’s got to be innocent.” But things have turned the other way around: now we become skeptical about what we sees on TV. We no longer can say for sure that parents do not kill their offspring (or the other way around.) We no longer can say for sure that the victim we see on TV is really the victim, and same for the suspect. I do not even remember the last time I saw a “sure” suspect, and I always tend to consider the worst case scenario.

Even so, crime was probably the same today as it was 10 years ago. But with limited sources of information we had no choice but to trust we what we saw on TV and newspaper. 10 years later now, internet changed everything: we now have more sources from different places and in different languages. However, we are nowhere near the truth. We probably would never know “for sure” about the OJ Simpson case (unless you’re OJ,) and we probably will never know what happened Madeleine (the little girl who “supposedly” was kidnapped in Portugal.)

After all, I think the saddest thing is when we all have our sources of information that we trust, we will never know the truth.


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