Summer Blockbuster Summary

This is the summer blockbuster summary: the “you must see”, the “just get the DVD”, and the “in between.”

Let’s start with the “you must see”:

1. The Transformers
Definitely a must see for those who watched transformers cartoon on TV back in the old days. Everything was great except the story has a weird turn (when the captain all the sudden wants to help.) I guess the only disappointment is that Megatron transforms into an jet fighter (or spaceship?) instead of a handgun.

2. 1408
A surprisingly good horror/suspense movie.  Instead of showing extensive blood and gore like other horror B-movies, 1408 is all about psychological terror. Also 1408 has a different ending from the book (a better one in my opinion.)

3. Live Free or Die Hard
Or simply Die Hard 4. Extensive action and up-to-date plot about cyber terror makes this movie one of the best action flick this summer.  Maybe it is hard to believe John McClane could still be that tough at such age, but this movie isn’t about reality, so enjoy the great action.

Now the “just get the DVD”:

1. Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End
Hmm….other than the story does not make sense at all, the goofy Captain Jack turns into pure dumbass.
But I did like the part when they have to turn the boat upside down to solve the riddle (the only part that was good.) So just get the DVD….

2. Spider-man 3
Yes, I’m serious.
The action is great, but the story is too much in one movie. And this movie is not worth waiting for 2 years.
Just get the DVD….

3. Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
(but the last 20 minutes fight was watchable…Just get the DVD)

4. Ocean’s Thirteen
Unexlpained plot. 
No exciting story.
No impressive heist.
If you really want to see the stars, just get the DVD….

At last the “in betweens”:

1. The Bourne Ultimatum
If you can bear the shaking camera….if not I suggest you stay out of this movie.

2. The Simpsons Movie
Just like what Homer says in the beginning, “why watch this movie when you can watch the samething on TV?”

3. T4XI (Taxi 4)
The fourth installment of the series. Funny, really funny, but no intense car chase like the previous 3. And it was short as hell, I want my money back!!!

Maybe I forgot to mention some, but if I can’t remember, it must be really really boring or really really unimpressive.


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