The Bourne Ultimatum

This should be printed on the movie poster as catch-phrase:
WARNING: side effects may include nausea and vomiting due to bad camera work. ”
or this movie should have this subtitle: “The Bourne Ultimatum:  Blair Witch Project

The third installment of the series would be a grand success, but was totally ruined by the poor (some say styled) camera work.
The story did not occur exactly after the 2nd film, but rather in between.  The first half of the film takes place after Bourne left Moscow and tried to regain his memories. Then the second half successfully connects the plot to the last scene of the 2nd film (Where Pamela Landy told Bourne his real name.) The entire film was packed with good plot and great fighting sequences, so why was the film ruined?  It’s all thanks to the camera work. Apparently, the entire movie was filmed on handheld cameras just like the second film. I was expecting the director would not make the same mistake as Bourne Supremacy (or should say film it in the same style.) The action was great, but you cannot see what was going on because the camera was so out of focus it was hard to tell who was hitting who with what.  The story was great, but even during  a dialogue the camera still vibrates which makes everyone in the audience annoyed and lose concentration. So my suggestion? Do not watch it in the theater, get the dvd or watch it on HBO, because it less painful to watch on small TV. 
As for me; whenever I see the name Paul Greengrass next to the word director, I will “probably” not watch that movie.


1 Response to “The Bourne Ultimatum”

  1. 1 moviesmusic August 22, 2007 at 4:14 pm

    I LOVED this movies, but the camera shaking really got on my nerves!

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