Mean hospitality

Last week I met a friend of a friend. We chatted and shared informations and afterwards, we (approximately 8 people) were invited to his house. That was when I learned about “unintentionally mean hospitality”. The host showed great hospitality, and was nice to everyone, so why was he unintentionally mean?
Well…first of all, his house or rather his apartment was tiny. The small room was barely fitting all nine of us. It was a hot Saturday afternoon and he did not own any air-conditioner, so the room was crowded AND extremely hot. In addition, the host was a talkative person. Even though the visit was meant to be half an hour to an hour, we stayed there for over 3 hours. No one left early because no one wanted to, not that we were all enjoying his hospitality, but we did not want to embarrass the host.

3 hours of suffering from someone’s hospitality sounds weird, but I believe there’s more people out there have faced similar situation where they were recieving hospitality from someone, but suffered.


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