Commercials and Foods

This was on the news yesterday: 
Stanford University’s research found out kids would think food wrapped in McDonald bag is more tasty than the same food that is wrapped in a different bag. They also suggest that kids are easily influenced by brand and commercial. And parents should monitor their kids on what they eat and at the sametime what commercial they watch on TV.

huh….I thought it was obvious. I’m not suggesting the research was meaningless, but I thought it is obvious that people do think brand products are better.  And not just kids, but adults are also easily influenced by brand names or commercials. Let’s just take another recent news for example: 
the so called “I’m not a plastic bag” bag was sold limited in Asia, even though the bag was sold around 10 bucks, the bid in eBay went all the way up to 100 bucks. (Not to mention the bag was suppose to be a enviromentally friendly bag)

 I think it is human nature to choose something we’re familiar with, and commercials do the job of making the products familiar.  Whether it makes us think the food more tasty, or makes us think the product is more durable, we are the ones who purchase them. Even if the product does not taste good or perform the functionality that we expected, since we spend a fortune in purchasing it we would still think it’s good.  And now with the recent scare over all tainted products from China, I think people will choose more popular or familiar brands when they shop; at least when something goes wrong, they would know immediately who to sue.


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