Battlestar Galactica Season 3


I started from season2 and I loved the show. When I saw the re-run on TV for season3 I was excited. After watching all the episodes of season3, I must say I was disappointed. The intense and exciting story arc from previous seasons were replaced by long and dragging dramas. Sure character development was important, but the staff did it badly. Result, the main story was getting nowhere and I was tired of watching the characters fought each other for stupid reasons.
Unless you are a hard-core fan, I suggest you watch the first 2 episodes and the last episode. Nothing exciting happened in between: just some stand alone episodes about the afternoon soap-opera between the crews. Yet, the very last episode was exciting, and made me want to watch season4. Four cylons among the crew identified (one unsure) and they are finally going to earth… 

Even though season3 was a failure, the last episode was successful. And I hope the staff do not screw up season4.


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